08 Jun

Ballagh Credit Union

Ballagh Credit Union

For People, Not for Profit.

Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Ltd is owned and run solely for the benefit of it’s members and is a not for profit organisation. Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Ltd is affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions since December, 1983 and are serving our members since March, 1984. The first Credit Union was formed in Ireland in 1958. In over 520 locations throughout the country, Credit Unions have helped nearly 3 million people to help themselves to better value, fairer loans and savings services.

Each Credit Union is run only to benefit its members, all of whom have something in common – the common bond. The common bond is the factor that unites every Credit Union member. It is what every member of a particular Credit Union has in common.

The Credit Union is run by a Board of Directors who are elected to the Board normally at the Annual General Meeting. They are then responsible for the control, direction and management of the affairs, funds and records of the Credit Union on behalf of its members.

All Credit Union members after the age of 16 have an equal say in the running of Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Ltd regardless of the amount of money they may have in their accounts. Any surplus income generated is returned to our members by way of a dividend or is used to add or improve services for our members.